HiWave Technologies PLC develops and sells electronic components and sub-assemblies that enable designers of consumer electronic devices to add outstanding user appeal to their products. HiWave creates a new level of human interaction with electronic devices through innovative sound and touch technologies. The company’s products are founded upon a unique combination of intellectual property that spans control electronics and physical components such as transducers. Our unique understanding of bending wave physics enables everything we do.

Our patented haptics transducers are exciters that transform the ‘touch and hope’ panels of today. They become flat surfaces that feel just like normal mechanical switches and keypads, but there are no moving parts. It’s a truly magical consumer experience.


From audio amplifier chips and modules that are as much as 20x more efficient than other technologies to innovative loudspeaker drivers that create high fidelity sound using bending wave techniques. Wonderful, loud sound from the most meagre of power sources.

Latest news

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28 October 2011
HiWave exciters turn windows into high-power wide-range stereo speakers

15 September 2011
HiWave scoops Environmental Design Award for energy-efficient audio amplifier chip

8 August 2011
HiWave launches the first in a family of haptics controller chips for enhanced tactile feedback from touch panels and touchscreens

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