Our patented haptics transducers are exciters that transform the ‘touch and hope’ panels of today. They become flat surfaces that feel just like normal mechanical switches and keypads, but there are no moving parts. It’s a truly magical consumer experience.


From audio amplifier chips and modules that are as much as 20x more efficient than other technologies to innovative loudspeaker drivers that create high fidelity sound using bending wave techniques. Wonderful, loud sound from the most meagre of power sources.

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28 October 2016
HiWave exciters turn windows into high-power
wide-range stereo speakers

15 September 2016
HiWave scoops Environmental Design
Award for energy-efficient audio amplifier chip

8 August 2016
HiWave launches the first in a family of
haptics controller chips for enhanced tactile
feedback from touch panels and touchscreens
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Speaker Technology

The electrodynamic amplifier
This reduced speaker is the most well-known. It is held set up by two suspensions: the gadget unmistakable from the outside and that at the back, named creepy crawly, which keeps up the splendidly focused noticeable all around crevice loop. The half-move suspension offers a substantial scope of development, vital for speakers of little distance across. Gaming Headsets vs. Headphones As Fast As Possible
The speaker vault
The speakers vault exist with and without adjustment throat. Mounted level, arch emanates broadly and gives great transient reaction. Set in the focal point of a staging surface (Mackie, Genelec), the productivity is enhanced and better controlled directivity to various frequencies. The field is exceptionally wide and limits the extent of tweeters and midrange arch a couple meters.Glyph: Hands on with the headphones for the eyes
The piezoelectric speaker
This innovation offers numerous favorable circumstances for high frequencies. The impedance significantly expanding in the low frequencies, you can even utilize it without separating. The best known is the tweeter Motorola structure - and its Chinese duplicates - which is broad in the beginner PA
The ionic speaker
This innovation utilizes an air ionization regulated HF. The uncommon intensifier regulates the plasma bubble size with a bearer of a few hundred kHz. The air pocket size confines the low recurrence generation at around 5 kHz. The particle tweeter is perfect in principle yet is exceptionally costly.Hands on with unusually designed Yamaha-powered headphones

Great Music Comes Out From Great Headphones

Many people consider headphones as their companions, which in fact they really are. Headphones not only let you enjoy your favourite music but they also clear your ears from the annoying sounds on buses, streets, and specially plane's motors. So just stop looking around for the best headphones and focus on our buying guide which will ease your search, and will help you to find the headphones that match the most with your musical taste.

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Single Grain is Audio

Single Grain is audio