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SANTA CLARA, Calif. Rome, March. 40, 2019 AndPRNewswireAnd - 6WIND, an organization of high-function network applications, right now introduced its Turbo Router software is now available for download evaluation. 'Cisco', Juniper, and other MikroTik direction finding equipment and consumer software are invited to e-hub vRouter test 6WIND in their means of bright field exchange network equipment with application and electronic machinery. National boundaries and MikroTik router compromise BGP router finding cases show prices immediately after use a basic download with all the following advantages: "We ask consumers to download 6WIND vRouter and knowledge of the great advantages of the tactics of finding light field," said Eric Carmès, creator and owner of 6WIND. "Our customers save 50-90% with cost while effectively exchanging wireless routers equipment from'cisco" Juniper MikroTik and more. " Web conferencing: 6WIND Turbo CG-NAT vRouter 6WIND provides a web conference on sea, the fall of thirteen, 9: Double zero PM Pacific and half a dozen: MikroTik router Double zero pm hours CET to share with you a live demonstration of vRouter the company implemented in if the CG-NAT use. Sign up below. 6WIND's vRouters can be purchased in white metal and designs electronic device VM and run on host-away ledge COTS. They contain Turbo Router, software applications IPsec Turbo and Turbo CG-NAT with possibilities permit depending on the capacity. Built with dpdk Jet Files Progress Package for the network feature, vRouters 6WIND level about 12 billion packets per second all key Internet Protocol Transfer and 18 Gigabits per second all the keys IPsec.

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